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Drugs destroy devine destination (I Corinthians 3:16-20):By Bro Tendani Mabuda

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As in most developing and developed countries, drug abuse   is a serious problem in South Africa. Drug consumption in South Africa is twice the world norm (CDA 2009).It is estimated that 15% of South African’s population has a drug problem. Drug abuse  is costing  the country R20 million  a year and  could  also pose  more threat than HIV/AIDS if  not  closely guided . The causes of  drug abuse varies,  range  from addiction  to  prescription drug , socio- economic  , political  , peer pressure and   need for recognition .Christians as  members of  society   in particular Christian youth and  young adults ( risk group 18-45years) are  not  be exempted  from  this problem   unless  as a church we take firm stand  against drugs and alcohol abuse . We must consider this as “our problem “not” their problem” We must have a biblical view /understanding of what the bible says about drugs. Becoming a Christian does not guarantee immunity from problems or danger. However it does provide a means of coping with the stresses and problems of life without the need to resort to mood-altering drugs. God made us the way we are, to function the way we do - naturally, not artificially (Psalm 139).God should be in control of our lives (present and future). We are not 'our own'. He created our bodies as places where he could dwell. We need to be “proper dwellings” (1 Corinthians 6 verses 19-20 ). In this discussion the followings issues will be elaborated;

-Definition of concepts: Drug and drug intoxication

-Prevalence of drug abuse in South Africa and globally

-Types of drugs,

-Effects of drugs,

-Does God promote drug abuse and

- Finally conclude  with the scriptures  that  affirms that  God should be in control of our lives, hence we  must  not “quench” the spirit of God (I Thessalonica 5:19).We  must  never   say  no to God or fail to yield  ourselves  to God (Romans 6:13).





(1 Cor 3: 16 - 20)


A drug can be explained as;              

(1.)          A chemical substance which is given to a person as way of treating / preventing an illness. Thus a positive use! - to be administered by professionals – in this way drugs are used correctly

(2.)          A chemical substance considered to be illegal in many countries which some people smoke or inject into their blood when they want stimulation of some kind; e.g. Sport , this is negative    -   Drugs are addictive – A substance that is addictive makes you a slave. You cannot live go by without it.


 (3.)         To drug a person: You give such a chemical to make them sleepy, unconscious or weak

                -This is both give positive and negative.


(4.)          To drug food: You mix the chemicals in question with food or drink deliberately so that a  person who drinks  or eats such will become sleepy or uncontious.


-Some people are drug just by a smell.


Biblical Facts About Drugs


                -The bible doesn’t have a problem with people using drugs in a positive way. Paul recommended  

                the use of such to one of his fellow brethrens when he was sick.

                - These bodies we have are a dwelling place of the Mighty God.

                (VS 18) – If one becomes wiser after taking a certain medicine, leave it - it’s not good for you.          You need to rely on the God-given wisdom.

If heaven is our destination, we need to maintain the pureness Christ has given to us. Just as Christ is pure, so we must.           

(Rev 21: 27)                                                                                                                                                                              (Rom 6: 12 - 14)              

(Mt 7: 21). Although these verses do not speak directly of drugs, they stress that Christians must strive to remain pure throughout, ‘till He comes back.


If we get involved in the use of drugs it should be positive NOT ABUSE. Just as Paul was advising Timothy (ITim 5: 23)



Effects of Drugs in Our Community (of Christians)


If people are married to drugs they must forget about haven, the ultimate ending point of Christ’s wife, the church. We can’t be robbed of our heavenly seats because of drugs or even alcohol.


Christians must have thorough knowledge of anything, drugs included - (Hos  4: 6). Drugs are good only if used under close monitoring, by professionals, for instance; doctors, and people of that stature. 

Otherwise we all will perish like Adam and Eve – who thought the fruits of the forbidden

tree will make them wiser. God’s thoughts about us are not for any harm to us. (Is 55: 8 - 9)

 (Mt 17: 5)

God couldn’t have recommended that we  “listen to Christ”, if Christ was for any harm to us.

(Acts 10:15) He’s there to save us.

Should we fail to listen, Satan will drag us back to where we were before, gradually of course (ITim 4: 3).

King Soul was told “rebellion (disobedience) is as sin as witchcraft”.



Consequences of Drug Abuse

Abuse means an abnormal use. If anything is used abnormally the end results are very fatal. None would ever wish be aligned or associated with people on this side of life.

1.       Experiencing Hell on earth. Drugs will only be good for a moment, but in the long run we become addicted to them. They then control us.

2.       Drug addicts are people with the least dignity in the community. Whenever they want to voice their thought on a particular subject, they are taken for granted. Such people will never be delegated for any task no matter how simple.

For this reason, one must go through the information included in any prescribed medicine to understand what it does to one’s body, just to be safe. This will help in acquiring a better understanding of the side –effects there of (if any).

E.g. Grandpa – If you take it for 10 or more days without any positive results, go see a doctor.

People were cheated this way.  They were deceived by their own lusts which were made to look like God’s love. Just like these ones:

a.        Adam – Fruit

b.       Samson by Delilah - Beauty

c.        Annanias and Saphirah – Money

d.       King Soul – his own wishes over God’s.

And they all lost the glory of the Lord and most importantly, their sits in heaven. These are just few examples of people. Read the bible more often you will surely find many more.

3.       Drugs can only make us get hungry for more, dragging us away from God. Instead we should love Godly life like a hungry person. (Mat 5:8). This is because with drugs we no longer belong to ourselves or Christ our Master. They make us become their slaves. Think of alcoholics, and note that drugs are even worse. Satan will never come to you straight. He always disguises and so are drugs.  Remember he didn’t come to give us life but death (Jn 10: 10).

The more we advance in technology;  Christianity; and otherwise, is the more Satan advances his plans to catch off guard. We are therefore urged to stay alert all the times, because he is all out attaching us left and right, high and low. No one has ever defeated evil with evil. Righteousness will always prevail over evil.

Thus; we need (as Christians) to go after all God’s Recommendations. We must not involve ourselves in things that will end up controlling us. As such we need to control situations, not the other way round. 


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