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Text:       1 Corinthians 4 vs 1-2



1.When congregations have problems it is almost always because people in the church want to be recognised as number one.

·         As first in the kingdom

·         The underlying question will be “who is in charge?” or “who is the boss of this congregation?”

2. Jesus confronted the same problem among His own diciples Matthew 10vs 43-45

3. The church in the corith its members were following men, the people had pride and arrogance, Corith 4vs 6,18, 19 and 5 vs 2, 8 vs 1, 13vs 4

4.The corithians lacked the proper attitude

·         They seek ways to be masters instead of servants

5.If congregations want to solve their problems, the members sholud consider carefully what it means to be a servant




The Servants Role 1 Corith 4 vs 1


What does it mean to be a steward?

·         A steward is one who has been entrasted with something that belongs to another. Paul and others had been entrusted with the mysteries (musterion) of God-GOD PLAN FOR SAVING PEOPLES SOULS (vs 1) stands for salvation of man by the crucifixion of Christ. It was disclosed in the fulness of time. His inspired spokes man had the responsibility of revealing the plan to others.

·         A steward must use what he has been given to benefit its owner. Paul and Apollos were to proclaim the word to bring glory to God.

·         A steward is required to be trustworthy (4vs 2), some steal church money . the measure of the steward’s or benefits of his work bring honor to his master organiser seek the light not the limelight

·         A steward will be called to account for his faithfulness

11.   servants and stewards of doctrine and morals

    A. preserve the gospel as it was as it is was freshly from the hands of the Apostles

a) singinging – are we still following what the bible told us to do

b) church organisation

c) preaching

d) some people sat the bible is nolonger relevent to the present generation yet the present generation is no longer relent to the bible

     B. stewards of morality

a) indecent clothes it shows worldliness 1 Jonh 2vs 15, 17

b) it violets God’s standard of PROPER dressing  1Tim 2vs 9, Gen 3 vs 21

      C. watching bad visual

·         It leads to a corrupted mind

·         You will adopt immoral values

·         You disobey God Psalm 119vs37

·         A wise person avoids evil proverbs 14vs16



·         When congregations have problems, they tend to became self- centered

·         One way out of the trap of self centeredness is service

·         Brothers let us focus on serving others

·         Every member must be challenged to be a servant not a master, not a boss but a servant

·         Develop the heart of a servant

·         Live a life so that you can say to others , “immitate me”


May the Lord richly bless you as we strive to be good stewrds and servants of our heavenly father.


Webster Kasava is a Church Minister in Marondera conducted on this number 00263772583343 or email wtkasava@yahoo.co.uk

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