What must I hear to be saved?

The beginning of the church of Christ is recorded in Acts 2.  This chapter also gives the answer to the question, "What ... Full story

What must I do to be saved?

What must I do to be saved?  Have you ever asked that question?  If not, you should!  It is the most important question ... Full story

The autonomy of the local church

The meaning of “autonomy” is independent or self-governing. The church we read about in the New Testament is made up of autonomous ... Full story

What shall we call leaders in the church?

Many of the religious leaders in Jesus' day were very proud!  They wore special clothing so they would look important in the eyes ... Full story

Five B's of Baptism

There is much confusion about baptism.  Many do not believe a person must be baptized to be saved from his sins.  Others say ... Full story

Believers wants to be baptized

If you believe in Jesus Christ as God's Son, and have repented of all your past sins, you will want to be baptized.  ... Full story

What is baptism?

Many religious people today seem to think that baptism is not very important.  It seems strange then that among the last words spoken ... Full story

Does baptsim save?

Many honest, sincere religious people believe man is saved by grace alone. Others teach that man is saved by faith alone. Both of these groups ... Full story

The Coming of the Kingdom

The church of Christ, which is the kingdom of Christ, is the greatest institution in all the world!  It was built by Jesus Christ Himself ... Full story

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